Family, Entrepreneurs and Succession

I have always thought of succession planning more in a corporate context and not necessarily just for the CEO position.  To me, succession planning was more knowledge and job transition throughout the organization.  Recently, my organization’s management contract was transitioned, complete with a transition team to pass the knowledge and information in a concerted effort.  Within small teams, we see transitioning of jobs, team members backing each other over vacations and leaves, but on a much smaller and sometimes less formal style.  When I came across Marshall Goldsmith’s article on Entrepreneurs and Succession, it reminded me of the wider scope of succession to also include entrepreneurs, small family businesses, and really much more areas beyond the business world.  Below is the link to the article I read so you can read for yourself.  The article made me think of end of life and funeral planning and of all things, who in the family is designated to carry the torch of heritage, tradition, ancestry, and history for the generations to come for the smallest unit of society, the family?  Succession planning, in its broadest definition, extends beyond the business world and its leaders.


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