Succession Planning Closely Tied to Gen Y

I started down this succession planning path because I was working on justifying the benefit and return on investment of sending technical employees to business school to my organization.  I did not realize that I would be learning more about how closely related succession planning is to recruitment and retainment of Gen Y.  It makes complete sense.  Here are a couple of Gen Y specific videos, mainly complements of the youtube community.

Jenny Floren, CEO & Founder, Experience, Inc. speaks about the Baby Boomer – Gen Y supply vs demand and the wired, collaborative nature of social networking that is so integrated to the Gen Y that the blocking of such Web 2.0 media in the workplace signals a huge disconnect between the two workforce generations.  Gen Y needs direction and are accustomed to constant, engaged feedback.  This Gen Y group seeks out ability to grow with the company and and for better loyalty, organizations need to define those career pathways.

Talent management viewed from supply chain management perspective to manage the uncertainty with Peter Cappelli, director of of Wharton‘s Center for Human Resources and author of “Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty”.  Joyce Bradley, senior vice president and general manager, Delaware Valley region, of Lee Hecht Harrison, emphasized leadership agility.

The employee – employer trade is no longer loyalty for security but talent for opportunity, per Dan Pink.

I thoroughly enjoy Dan Pink and his dynamic, blunt, yet logical presentation style.  Tangential Dan Pink video on intrinsic motivation from TED.

The 600-lb gorillas of the workplace, Boomers & Gen Y, and how they are similarly motivated.  The bookends seek flexibility, odyssey, and a bit of altruism element.